Published: 27 July 2023

How to Post the Most Effective Job Ad in Hair and Beauty

Posting an effective job advertisement is crucial for attracting top talent in the hair and beauty industry. With some strategic planning and optimisation, you can create an ad that stands out and compels qualified candidates to apply. Here are the best practices for developing a successful job posting in hair and beauty:

Know Your Audience and Write For Them

The first step is understanding who you want to target and tailor the ad accordingly. For example, if you need an experienced stylist, use industry lingo and emphasise advanced skills. If you need an assistant or receptionist, focus on customer service abilities.

Clearly outline the position duties, requirements, and qualifications. But use concise, scannable bullet points instead of dense paragraphs. Today’s job seekers skim ads quickly. Make details pop.

Adapt the tone and language to your ideal candidate. A fun, casual stylist wants a different vibe than a luxury spa manager. Reflect company culture in the writing.

Stand Out With Dynamic Job Title and Description

Generic titles like “Hairstylist needed” won’t captivate candidates. Spruce it up. “Rockstar Barber Wanted!” or “Seeking Passionate Stylist to Join Our Team” packs more punch.

Avoid clichéd, stale descriptions. Use descriptive phrases that grab attention. Instead of “fun fast-paced environment,” try something like “Join our lively, upbeat salon with rock music and loyal clients.”

Highlight your brand’s reputation and the exciting opportunity. Add perks like a signing bonus, education budget, or free services.

Include Concise, Scannable Qualifications and Benefits

Outline must-have qualifications like licenses, years of experience, and specialised skills up front. Use bullet points to break up blocks of text.

List any preferred qualifications separately, like knowledge of certain hair types or brands. This helps candidates determine if they’re a match before reading further.

Use bullet points to highlight stand-out benefits. Examples include health insurance, retirement plans, flexible scheduling, advancement opportunities, and continuing education.

Optimise With Relevant Keywords

Job ad.


Optimising with relevant keywords helps job ads appear in searches. Include industry terms, skills, job titles, software/tools used, etc.

But avoid over-stuffing. Use natural language. Keyword density should be 2-5%.

Research which terms and phrases are popular for your position and locality. For example, “cosmetologist” may work better than “stylist” in some areas.

Provide Logistical Details

Give applicants everything they need to apply smoothly. List the following:

  • Position type (full-time, part-time, contract, etc.)
  • Work schedule/shifts
  • Salary range and benefits
  • Instructions for applying (email, online form, etc.)
  • Materials required (resume, portfolio, cover letter)
  • Hiring timeline

Check that contact details are correct. List the manager’s name, email, and phone number.

Post on Multiple Platforms

Maximise exposure by advertising across several platforms:

  • Your website careers page – This allows candidates to browse all open positions in one place.
  • Job boards like Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, or industry-specific sites.
  • Social media – Post on your company pages and relevant groups. geo-target ads.
  • Professional associations – Beauty and hair organisations may share or publish ads.
  • Newsletters and forums – Reach networks by advertising in industry email lists and groups.
  • Print publications – Local newspapers and magazines.

Create Companion Social Media Content

Develop social posts, images, or videos that complement your job ads. Show off your team, brand, and clients. Feature employee testimonials.

This extra content engages candidates and helps paint a full picture of your company culture. Share it when promoting open positions.

Track Responses and Optimise

See which platforms and keywords perform best. Adjust future ads accordingly.

Monitor job ad metrics like views, clicks, applications, and costs per click. Refine over time.

Keep ad content fresh. Update monthly, or archive and rewrite each quarter. This keeps your employer brand polished.

An eye-catching, well-written job ad is your first impression and recruiting tool. Define the ideal candidate, highlight your brand differentiation, optimise for search, and promote widely. With a compelling and strategic ad, you will attract excited applicants and fill roles faster. Reach out to top talent in hair and beauty today!

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