10 Reasons to Love a Beauty Career in London

As one of the top global fashion and beauty hubs, London offers endless opportunities for cosmetologists, hair stylists, makeup artists and estheticians. Whether you’re looking to launch your career or take it to the next level, this cosmopolitan city has everything you need. Ready to discover why London should top your list for an exciting beauty industry career? Keep reading for 10 compelling reasons.

1. World-Class Training Programs

London is home to some of the most prestigious beauty schools on Earth. Institutes like the London College of Fashion, Sassoon Academy, and Makeup Forever offer industry-leading curriculum to hone your skills as never before. Graduates earn globally recognized qualifications.

2. Cutting-Edge Trends

Fashion weeks, avante garde boutiques, and diverse street style make London an epicentre of groundbreaking beauty trends. By working here, you’ll be at the forefront of what’s hot and next in hair, makeup, nails, skincare and more. It’s a constant source of inspiration.

3. Star-Studded Clientele

As a top hub for the rich and famous, London offers incredible opportunities to work with celebrity clients. Build your portfolio and connections styling socialites, musicians, royals, actors and influencers.

4. Variety of Beauty Brands

Homegrown brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Bleach London plus international giants like MAC, Lancome and Aveda are headquartered here. That makes London a beauty product paradise! Take advantage by partnering with brands or trying the newest launches.

5. High-Profile Industry Events

Fashion shows, awards ceremonies, galas and more keep London’s beauty scene buzzing year-round. Volunteering to work backstage or assist at these high-profile happenings builds invaluable experience.

6. Networking Possibilities

Beauty pros in London are well-connected. Attending industry nights and joining local professional groups lets you expand your network quickly. Make contacts who can help grow your career.

7. Diverse Clientele

With a multicultural population and visitors from around the globe, practicing your services on a wide range of skin tones, hair textures and client needs is a breeze in London. It’s an inclusive environment.

8. Work Authorisation

Thanks to visa options like the Youth Mobility Scheme, London makes it feasible for foreign nationals to work there legally in beauty. Obtaining authorization to build your resume in the UK is accessible.

9. Thriving Job Market

London’s size, affluence and position as a style capital make it full of career prospects. There is no shortage of salons, spas, makeup counters and freelance opportunities. Competition is high, but so is demand.

10. The Glamorous Lifestyle

Beyond professional perks, London offers an unbeatably chic lifestyle. You can score discounts at swanky salons and boutiques, sample the trendiest dining spots, and join a vibrant community of like-minded beauty lovers!

With its creative energy, wealth of resources and stellar training, London is a beauty pro’s paradise. Don’t just dream of working here—make it happen!

Resort Temp Work: Combining Work and Paradise

Picture this: you’re giving guests the ultimate vacation glow-up while surrounded by palm trees and ocean views. Sound like paradise? Resort temp work makes this dream a reality for beauty pros seeking adventure and new experiences. Keep reading to learn why seasonal resort jobs are hotter than ever in hair, makeup and nails.

What is Resort Temp Work?

Resort temp work refers to temporary, seasonal jobs at vacation destinations like beach resorts, cruise ships, theme parks and mountain lodges. Positions are often focused on beauty services like:

  • Hair styling
  • Makeup application
  • Manicures/pedicures
  • Waxing
  • Braiding bar services
  • Salon reception roles

These gigs usually range from a few weeks to several months, aligning with peak visitor seasons. It’s a flexible way to enjoy an exciting locale while getting paid.

Why Pursue a Resort Temp Job?

For beauty pros, resort temp work offers enticing perks:

Change of Scenery

A stint at a tropical island or ski lodge provides complete immersion in a fresh environment. It’s a chance to experience local culture.

Career Development

Practicing services on diverse clients broadens technical skills. You can take new techniques back to your regular job.

Networking Opportunities

Connecting with fellow beauty pros expands your contacts for future gigs, mentors and collaborations.


Days or weeks off between shifts offer chances for exploration, hiking, water sports and more to delight in your surroundings.

How to Land the Ideal Resort Temp Gig

With planning and preparation, you can secure a stellar seasonal beauty role:

  • Assess your priorities – location? duration? service types? housing needs?
  • Check job boards like CoolWorks or Bella Bouji for openings
  • Widen your search to hotels, salons, spas and cruises directly
  • Highlight relevant skills like updos, airbrushing, waxing on your resume
  • Prepare for interviews by researching the location and employer
  • Arrange housing/transportation – some offer staff dorms

Securing a resort job takes effort, but pays off!

What to Expect on the Job

While every property is unique, resort work typically entails:

  • Fast-paced environments and long days during peak seasons
  • Performing many services back-to-back
  • Physically demanding – standing, twisting, bending for hours
  • Working weekends and evenings when guests need you
  • Fluctuating schedules based on staffing needs

It’s challenging but rewarding work! Stellar people skills are a must.

Perks That Make Resort Life Special

Along with the gorgeous surroundings, resort gigs boast seriously fun perks:

  • Staff activities – parties, sports, sightseeing tours
  • On-site amenities like pools, gyms, discounted services
  • Housing – many provide staff-only dorms or apartments
  • Friends for life – lifelong bonds form with coworkers
  • New cultural experiences through local cuisine, music, language

The memories (and tan lines) last long after seasonal work concludes!

Ready to Apply for Paradise?

Dreaming of blending work with play while styling hair seaside or giving manis poolside? Resort temp work offers the chance to try a new location for a few weeks or months. With an adventurous spirit and some strategic planning, you can land a beauty pro gig that feels like vacation. Aloha!

Part-Time Hairdressing Jobs: Balancing Work and Life


Juggling personal commitments while building a stylist career is challenging. But part-time hairdressing roles allow talents to develop without fully compromising quality of life. Blending work and play, part-time provides the foundation to shoot for more.

Delivering skilful services in a vibrant salon without losing downtime for family, hobbies or study is appealing. Trim back the hours until you establish yourself. Part-time contracts offer flexibility while keeping future options open.

Intrigued by enjoying the best of both worlds? Here’s how to discover and optimise part-time hairdressing jobs.

Why Consider Part-Time Hairdressing?

You’re launching a start-up. Have childcare duties. Perhaps studying fashion. Juggling intensifies when chalking up new skills.

Sharpening scissor abilities on a part-time basis allows focus across multiple priorities:

  • Adjust hours around other commitments
  • Maintain energy and dedication across projects
  • Learn without intensive full-time pressure
  • Supplement income between other roles
  • Retain life balance and avoid burnout

Part-time contracts provide breathing room to handle pressing personal needs while professionally progressing.

Advantages of Part-Time Salon Work

Beyond schedule flexibility, part-time salon roles offer meaningful advantages:

  • Widen expertise by working across luxury and budget salons
  • Build clientele and portfolio through exposure to diverse demographics and styles
  • shadow leading stylists to accelerate skills
  • Attend courses without asking for leave days
  • Explore passion for hairdressing by testing capacity to handle workload/hours
  • Work intensively during holidays or busy periods to maximise income

The diversity and freedom facilitates both financial and creative development.

Crafting an Appealing Part-Time Application

Persuading salon managers you can professionally contribute while working reduced hours requires strategic communication:

  • Headline flexibility eg “Seeking 16-24hr stylist role”
  • Outline exact availability dates/times
  • If studying, note how course enhances abilities
  • Describe your efficiency and ability to multitask
  • Share ideas to boost salon revenue during downtime
  • Emphasise this as a stepping stone to full-time later

This profiles you as an enthusiastic asset keen to develop despite part-time status.

Making the Most of Part-Time Hairdressing

Once secured, optimise part-time salon stints using the following tips:

  • Observe as many stylists as possible to rapidly gain expertise
  • Build rapport through appointment conversations -capture client details
  • Go the extra mile e.g. stay late to complete a look
  • Treat every client’s hair like a showpiece – upload images to build your portfolio
  • Attend out-of-hours salon events or photo shoots to expand network
  • Discuss increasing hours once settled and consistent

Proving dedication, talent and initiative will evidence capacity to handle more, opening discussions for additional hours.

Part-time hairdressing facilitates professional and personal progress. Control your schedule while enjoying salon creativity and camaraderie. Learn the ropes, build confidence and connections. Then seize opportunities to increase hours as you establish client demand.

Balancing work with other commitments is achievable if you hunt down positions matching your needs. Refine time management abilities amidst the madness. Perfect home blowouts between shifts. Attend courses outside rota hours.

Part-time contracts enable rising stars to glean expertise while retaining life beyond the salon. You can attain stylist ambitions without completely sacrificing downtime. Explore part-time options fitting your lifestyle today!


All-Round Hairdressing Jobs: Diverse Skills Wanted

freelance hairdressing


In an ever-evolving industry, today’s top hairdressing jobs demand far more than styling chops. Salons seek all-round hairdressers with multidisciplinary expertise to deliver exceptional service. Blending technical talents across colouring, cutting and customer care is key.

freelance hairdressing

As consumer expectations rise, a sole specialism no longer satisfies. Diverse abilities are essential for hairdressers to flourish in the modern marketplace. Honing a holistic skillset ensures you remain relevant.

Ready to shape up? Here’s why salons hire all-rounders and how to transform into one:

Why Salons Want All-Rounders

Like fashion, hairdressing appreciates versatility. Nimble hairdressers who effortlessly switch services are highly valued over single-skill specialists.

Benefits for salons:

  • Optimise schedules by having staff multitask
  • Provide consistent service when allocation changes
  • Grow customer loyalty through personalized experiences
  • Build reputation for expertise across all areas
  • Save costs on additional specialized recruits

Rewards for hairdressers:

  • Job security – all-rounders integral to operations
  • Opportunity to demonstrate extensive range
  • Avoid monotony through task variation
  • Build enduring client relationships
  • Progress into senior stylist roles

Salons and hairdressers alike profit from multiskilled talent.

Core Skills for All-Round Stylists

Mastering three key services makes a well-rounded hairdresser:

Cutting Expertise

From precision pixie crops to textured layers, an intuitive eye for shape and structure is vital. Sharp scissor abilities take time to hone. Start by observing senior stylists before attempting cuts yourself. Experiment with angles, proportions and textures to find your speciality.

Colouring Excellence

Seamlessly blending colours requires an artistic eye and specialist knowledge. Study the complex science of hair pigmentation. Attend advanced courses on techniques like balayage, ombré and colour melting. Shadow experienced colourists until confident to evaluate skin tones and create bespoke formulations yourself.

Customer Service Flair

Warm reception manner, active listening, and consultative selling must come naturally. Clients appreciate advice tailored to their unique needs. Master the ability to assess desires and recommend suitable services. Charm customers from arrival to departure to nurture lasting relationships.

Once adept across all three services, you become an invaluable all-rounder stylist ripe for promotion.

How to Train as an All-Rounder Stylist

hair to beauty

Transforming into a multiskilled hairdresser requires planning and perseverance.

Upskill Continually

Never stop accumulating expertise. Sign up for courses specializing in new techniques annually. Expand your repertoire with alternative skills like hair extensions or African hair braiding. Continual development ensures an adaptable, future-proof skill set.

Seek Wide Exposure

Actively spend time across all salon departments Assist on reception Duty. Shadow colourists Mix formula. Observe stylists. Absorb their strengths so you integrate the diversity into your own style.

Build a Diverse Portfolio

Assemble shoots demonstrating your complete range. Showcase precision cuts, melts, colour corrections, blowouts and curls. Use video for before-and-after transformation impact.

Request All-Rounder Roles

Once qualified, avoid single service jobs. Opt for roles like “all-round stylist” or “junior stylist” allowing for cross-service allocation. Even diversify into theatrical/media hairdressing for fashion shoots.

Proactively chasing all-round opportunities accelerates your development into a versatile stylist.

Current Multi Skilled Hairdresser Roles

All-round vacancies arise more regularly than you imagine. Keep job alerts active for openings including:

  • Junior Stylist
  • Creative Stylist
  • Salon Assistant
  • Stylist
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Session Stylist

Check sites like:

Stand Out As a Multi Skilled Candidate

Combat fierce competition using these CV tips:

  • Headline with a specialty to anchor one excellent skill e.g. “Pixie Cut Pro”
  • List all services you have exposure to
  • Note advanced courses attended e.g. colour melting
  • Add stylist testimonials praising your versatility
  • Include metrics e.g. number of cuts performed
  • Share articles/imagery showcasing breadth
  • Convey the passion to continually expand your talents

This framework spotlights your dedication to all-round development.

By actively strengthening abilities across cutting, colouring and care, ordinary hairdressers transform into outstanding all-rounders – the most valued recruits. Continue studying, diversify your portfolio and seek wide salon exposure. Combining creativity with commerciality will ensure you remain an integral asset even as hairdressing evolves. Start rounding out today!


Children’s Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

Children's Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

Finding temporary work as a children’s hairdresser can be a rewarding way to gain experience and flexibility in your career. As a children’s hairdresser, you get to work with young clients in a fun, creative environment. Though the work is temporary, it can lead to new job opportunities and connections within the industry.

Children's Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

What Does a Children’s Hairdresser Do?

A children’s hairdresser specialises in cutting, styling and caring for children’s hair. Key responsibilities typically include:

  • Consult with parents and children on desired hairstyles
  • Cut, trim and style children’s hair accordingly
  • Perform basic hair treatments like washing, conditioning, drying etc.
  • Ensure safety and comfort of young clients
  • Recommend hair products suitable for children
  • Engage children during the hairdressing process through conversation and play

It requires patience, creativity and strong communication skills. You must enjoy working with children to excel as a children’s hairdresser.

Benefits of Temporary Work

Children's Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

Taking on temporary job listings as a children’s hairdresser offers many advantages:

  • Gain experience working specifically with children’s hair
  • Build a portfolio showcasing your children’s hairdressing abilities
  • Flexible schedule – choose when and how often you want to work
  • Explore different salons and techniques as you move between temporary roles
  • Make connections within the industry for future job opportunities
  • Supplement your income while allowing time for other commitments
  • Low commitment so you can easily walk away if it’s not for you

The short-term nature of temp work provides freedom to experiment without long-term ties.

Where to Find Temporary Children’s Hairdresser Roles

Many options exist for those seeking temp work as a children’s hairdresser. Useful places to search include:

Bella Bouji Listings and Temp Portal

Are you a stylist seeking flexible or temporary roles in salons or spas? As a temp or freelance stylist you can earn more than your salaried counterpart, up to £200. Our online portal empowers you to define your own schedule effortlessly, providing a smooth and convenient path to dynamic participation in the industry.

Children’s Salon Job Boards

Specialist children’s hair salons often advertise temporary roles on their websites. Set up job alerts on the career pages of leading chains near you.

General Hairdressing Job Sites

Major industry job boards list some children’s hairdresser temp vacancies alongside their regular permanent postings. Use relevant keywords like “children”, “temporary” and “maternity cover” when searching.

Online Gumtree/Craigslist Ads

Independent salons seek temporary stylists through online classifieds like Gumtree and Craigslist. Check their job/gig section for short-term opportunities.

Social Media Groups

Join industry groups like “Children’s Hairdressers UK” on Facebook and Reddit to find temporary job ads or request opportunities from other members.

Cast a wide net across multiple platforms when searching for temporary vacancies. Persistence is key as children’s hairdressing temp roles are less common than standard hairdressing positions.

How to Stand Out as a Temporary Children’s Stylist

To increase your chances of securing temp work, highlight your unique skills and experience with children’s hair:

  • Showcase any past children’s styling work in an online portfolio
  • Emphasise specialised training courses you have completed
  • Get references/testimonials from parents of children you have styled
  • List childcare qualifications or experience on your CV
  • Explain why you love working with kids during interviews
  • Describe techniques you use to engage young clients
  • Share ideas for fun cuts and styles suited specifically to children

Conveying your passion for working with children will help you beat others to valuable temp roles.

Using Temp Work to Advance Your Career

Children's Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

Though temporary, children’s hairdressing assignments still represent valuable opportunities. Make the most of temp gigs by:

  • Asking parents for referrals or reviews
  • Building connections with salon managers
  • Learning advanced children’s styling techniques from senior stylists
  • Improving speed with different kids hair textures
  • Photographing your work for your professional portfolio
  • Participating in salon events to increase visibility

Treat all temp contracts as stepping stones to propel your children’s hairdressing career. Temporary can lead to permanent.

Enjoy the Flexibility of Children’s Hairdressing Temp Work

From saving for holidays to filling maternity leave, temporary jobs cater to all needs. Embrace the variation and freedom. Gain expertise as a children’s stylist while exploring the industry. Check out new salons and styles, develop your personal brand, and expand your professional network.

Jumping between assignments enables you to find the right salon fit while boosting your skills and reputation. Temporary work provides the flexibility to specialise in children’s hair at your own pace.

So refresh those crayon boxes and start your search! Numerous opportunities exist for talented temporary children’s hairdressers – you just have to chase them.

Spa Therapist Jobs: The Path to Relaxation and Wellness

Breathe in. Breathe out. Let the world’s clamor fade away, replaced by the gentle scent of lavender and the soft sigh of contentment. Welcome to the world of spa therapy, a haven of tranquility where you’ll cultivate not just outer beauty, but inner peace.

Job ad.

Think of yourself as a maestro of well-being, wielding your skilled hands and intuitive touch to melt away stress, soothe aching muscles, and awaken a sense of profound relaxation. Every massage, every facial, every treatment becomes a symphony of rejuvenation, orchestrated by your expertise and dedication.

This path, however, is not for the faint of heart. It’s a journey of constant learning, where you’ll master the art of aromatherapy, the science of bodywork, and the delicate touch that unlocks the body’s natural healing potential. But the rewards? Oh, the rewards are as vast as the ocean of tranquility you create for others.

Picture this: the quiet hum of the spa, the soft glow of candlelight, and the grateful sigh of a client as tension melts away under your touch. Each session is a testament to your skills, a chance to make a real difference in someone’s life.

But spa therapy is more than just massages and facials. It’s about connection. It’s about building trust, listening to unspoken needs, and tailoring treatments to individual desires. You become a confidante, a healer, a guide on the path to radiant wellness.

The world craves the magic you possess. From luxurious city spas to quaint countryside retreats, the demand for skilled therapists is ever-growing. And with the right training and dedication, you can carve your own niche in this thriving industry.

So, if you yearn to:

  • Help others find their inner oasis of calm.
  • Transform lives through the power of touch and mindfulness.
  • Build a fulfilling career in a rapidly growing field.

Then spa therapy may be your calling. Take that deep breath again, feel the weight of the world lift, and step onto the path of relaxation and wellness. It’s a journey that will not only enrich others, but also nourish your own soul.

Ready to take the first step? We, at [Your Recruitment Company Name], are here to guide you. With our comprehensive training programs and expert career counseling, we’ll equip you with the skills and knowledge to turn your passion for wellness into a thriving reality.

So, breathe in, dear friend. The world of spa therapy awaits. Are you ready to answer its call?

Together, let’s cultivate a world where serenity reigns and well-being becomes the ultimate luxury.

Beauty Therapist Job Openings in Clapham

Forget the staid whispers of “career opportunities” elsewhere. Clapham, London’s beauty epicenter, pulsates with a rhythm unlike any other. This isn’t a tepid spa symphony; it’s a heady concerto of innovation, artistry, and an insatiable craving for the extraordinary. Are you, my dears, ready to be conductors? Because Clapham beckons, and its siren song is one of reinvention, not repetition.

Bella Bouji

Behold the vacancies that shimmer!

In one salon, bathed in the cool neon glow of London’s edge, a throne awaits its sovereign. This, darling, is no massage table; it’s a launchpad for the high priestess of deep tissue, the queen of knots untied and stress exorcised. Do you possess the touch of a whisper and the strength of a warrior? Then claim this throne, make those muscles purr!

Across the cobbled lane, a haven of holistic harmony seeks its maestro. Blending potions like a modern-day alchemist, wielding essential oils like enchanted wands, you’ll unlock the secrets of inner radiance and awaken the goddess within each client. Fear not the diverse demands of Clapham’s clientele, embrace their thirst for well-being, for you, my dear, are the architect of holistic havens.

And for those who crave the canvas of the face, a studio beckons. Here, your brushes become extensions of your soul, wielding pigments like fiery comets across cheekbones, sculpting brows with the precision of a Renaissance master. Fear not the ever-evolving trends, darling, for you are the couturier of complexions, weaving narratives of beauty that push boundaries and ignite confidence.

But listen closely, mes amis. Clapham demands audacity, not apathy. It thirsts for innovation, not imitation. Can you braid a masterpiece that would leave Rapunzel speechless? Can you concoct a serum that whispers promises of not just youth, but of fearless self-expression? If not, then seek solace in the beige spas of Mayfair, for Clapham demands brilliance, not beige.

This is no ordinary career move, my dears. This is a call to arms for the avant-garde, the rebels, the Michelangelos of makeup artistry. So step forward, shed your inhibitions, and let your talents paint Clapham beautiful. Not just its faces, but its very essence.

The beauty industry awaits, and Clapham craves its leading players. Are you ready to answer the call?

With audacity and artistry,

The Clapham Connoisseur

Making the Leap from Temp to Permanent Hair Jobs

The early days of a hair career often involve navigating a slew of temporary roles as you gain qualifications and experience whilst seeking that coveted permanent position. However after one too many unreliable temp agencies leave you stranded or the unpredictability of freelancing loses its initial sheen; seeking long term job security with a reputable London salon seems the obvious solution.

hair stylist levels

Yet with so many factors to balance from location logistics to environment dynamics and career progression opportunities, identifying the temp to permanent hair jobs leap that keeps you fulfilled longterm feels daunting. Fret not though, this guide unpacks expert strategies for transitioning successfully whilst still maintaining some flexibility.

Gain Solid Experience First

Whilst a permanent role offers alluring stability and often enhanced benefits like salon discounts, in-house training subsidies and styling support; dive in too hastily and you risk being trapped long term somewhere that doesn’t actually nurture your career growth or creative flair.

So invest time upfront gaining rounded experience across London’s best salons through temping until you can perform all technical aspects confidently whilst nurturing your personal style. Build a loyal clientele who value your expertise through reliably excellent work. This way when the right permanent post arises, your existing expertise ensures immediate positive impact which fast tracks you up the career ladder.

Understand Salon Culture

Once confident in your technical craft, shift focus onto intangible factors that influence job satisfaction exponentially. Observe the salon environment and team dynamics closely whilst temping and having trial shifts. Consider aspects like the general atmosphere, management transparency with staff, support for creativity etc rather than surface details only.

Does the salon celebrate achievements consistently? Do senior stylists mentor more junior members willingly? Establish what workplace culture leaves you feeling nurtured then target permanent positions at salons aligning with your values that will provide both stability and fulfilment.

Define Your Deal Breakers

Before entertaining permanent positions, reflect honestly on what you need both financially and emotionally from a job to prevent restlessness setting in quickly. From non negotiable location logistics like transport links and distance from home to the stylist support services available; not voicing these conditions upfront hurts long term.

Be transparent about deal breakers with management from the outset no matter how small they may seem. Whether it’s access to paid breaks, regular training opportunities or late evening shift flexibility to accommodate childcare, communicating clearly now prevents issues arising later down the line.

Negotiate a Probationary Clause

Whilst securing a permanent post brings relief after freelance flux, jumping straight into a 12 month contract feels intimidating. To ease transition anxieties, request a mutually agreed probationary review clause around the 6 week mark when negotiating permanent roles in London.

Ace the Interview

This provides breathing space to assess whether the salon delivers on support promises made during interviews without locking you into an unsuitable workplace long term unnecessarily. Outline clear metrics like training provision, clientele target attainment and culture fitment support that dictate success. Reviews give constructive feedback whilst allowing room to iron out teething issues or identify poor role alignment promptly on both sides without penalty. Ensure raise discussions feature too to validate your worth.

Maintain External Connections

Particularly when newly qualified, permanent employment often means relinquishing flexibility completely. But activities like London Fashion Week support roles, hair campaigns or photographic projects keep creativity flowing whilst progressing visibility. Discuss flexibility allowances for such external endeavours during contract negotiations to round skillsets further.

Senior London salon teams appreciate dedication yet also understand the importance of experimentation for longevity so reasonable agreements accommodate this balance without compromising relationship foundations built. Handled mutually respectfully, temporary external connections need not threaten job security.

The leap between temping diversity and permanent stability may seem vast Initally but honest preparations smooth transitions considerably. Defining your non negotiable needs, observing workplace cultures extensively and maintaining external connections where possible allows you to progress purposefully towards more fulfilled permanent roles. So approach salons with clarity on values alignment, communicate transparently about support requirements then enjoy the relief of structure mixed with flexibility!

Men’s Grooming: The New Normal

Mens grooming

The men’s grooming industry has seen explosive growth in recent years. Men’s grooming products and services accounted for over £112 billion in global sales in 2023, a number projected to reach £146 billion by 2025. This remarkable uptick reflects changing social norms and beauty standards for men, as self-care and put-togetherness become embedded in masculine ideals.

Mens grooming

The New Normal

Once a niche market, men’s grooming has hit mainstream. Data shows that the last decade ushered in a paradigm shift: men’s grooming is now standard practice for a large portion of males aged 18 to 65. No longer frowned upon as vain or feminine, men using skincare products, getting frequent haircuts, maintaining neat facial hair, and carrying out basic manicures have become the norm.

Mens grooming

While older generations continue to embrace more natural looks, younger cohorts are leading the charge. Over 75% of Generation Z males report using some grooming products daily, whether moisturizers, styling creams, or beard oils. This contrasts sharply with their fathers’ generation, where fewer than 25% used anything beyond soap and shaving cream.

Driving Factors

Several cultural and economic factors are responsible for normalised grooming habits among modern men:

  • Labor force changes – As white-collar office jobs eclipse traditional manual labor, personal upkeep has grown more relevant for men. Employers expect employees to exhibit professionalism through neat, intentional looks, so men respond accordingly.
  • Online influence – Social media and websites fused grooming with influencer culture and aspirational lifestyles. Expert tips and product reviews are omnipresent, while social standards evolved visibly via selfies and videos.
  • Industry marketing – Beauty brands capitalised on shifting norms by targeting men explicitly in ads for the first time. Markets once deemed niche, like beard care or hair dye, earned widespread visibility through male-centric branding.
  • Retail expansion – Mainstream brands unveiled men’s grooming ranges, while upstarts saw opportunities in specialty brick-and-mortar stores. The 2010s saw a boom in men’s beauty counters, barber shop hybrids, and subscription boxes catering to male consumers.

Growth Prospects

Men’s grooming remains a high-potential category moving into the mid-2020s, promising major expansion for established brands alongside openings for new market entrants:

  • Projected 7% compound annual growth rate through 2025
  • Notable upticks expected across Asia Pacific markets
  • Haircare, skincare, beard grooming, and body care leading subcategories
  • Barber services and masculine salons expanding in metropolitan areas globally

Mens grooming

While market saturation will eventually curb explosive growth, we are far from that inflection point. Popularity of grooming products among younger males suggests durable consumer bases, and shifting beauty standards toward inclusive, non-binary branding open additional avenues. For brands and retailers in beauty or personal care spaces, the men’s segment represents a strategic imperative.

Grooming Goals

Modern men pursue various goals and needs through grooming routines:

Hair: Regaining thicker hair, reducing gray hairs, achieving desired hairstyles

Beards: Growing fuller beards, styling facial hair, managing “five o’clock shadow”

Skincare: Controlling acne and breakouts, implementing anti-aging regimens, maintaining brighter and clearer complexions

Body: Reducing body and back hair, enhancing muscular definition, mitigating body odor

Hands and Feet: Managing nail length and shape, eliminating calluses and cracks, softening skin

The list continues growing as innovative brands link grooming routines to masculinity and wellness ideals like self-discipline, confidence, and mental health.

These connections usher more new product opportunities as men adopt grooming as standard lifestyle practice rather than a periodic fix. Sustained growth seems imminent.

Employed vs Freelance Hairdressing: What is best for you?

Freelance or employed hairdresser

The age-old debate between employed and freelance roles affects hairdressers as much as any other profession. With passions high on both sides of the style station, is it possible to make an objective call on which provides the greater opportunity to excel in your craft?

Freelance or employed hairdresser

The Financials

According to a 2022 survey by the National Hairdressers Federation, the average annual salary for a full-time employed stylist in the UK is £17,000. Senior stylists can earn around £26,000. The highest paid 10% make £45,000 or above.

For freelancers, income levels cover a much wider range depending on reputation and clientele:

  • Entry-level freelancers building a clientele can expect to earn £20,000-25,000 per year.
  • Established freelancers with a steady clientele report average earnings of £35,000-45,000 annually. Top stylists at this level charge £60-220 per service.
  • Elite celebrity and session stylists charge premium rates of £200-300+ per cut/colour for exclusive private clients and photoshoots. Their annual income commonly exceeds £75,000.
  • The very top freelance stylists may earn over £150,000 per year through a combination of private clients, editorial work, brand partnerships and training academies.

While obtaining accurate figures is difficult due to privacy reasons, the earning potential as an exceptional freelance stylist eclipses that of employed roles. But this comes with the tradeoff of marketing, financial and administrative responsibilities being entirely self-managed.

Freelance or employed hairdresser

Reputation Building

A salon group provides an instant brand platform for employed stylists to showcase their work via social media and marketing materials. Freelancers must build visibility themselves through self-promotion online, local networking and word-of-mouth referrals. Consistently outstanding work that delights clients is the best marketing tool. Over time many top stylists aim to open their own studio or academy location.

Perspectives from Both Sides

“I’ve worked as an employed stylist for over 10 years now, and I love the security of having a guaranteed base salary. My salon takes care of all the business side of things too – booking clients in, stock ordering, marketing etc. Which leaves me free to focus on honing my craft and learning new skills through the great training I get access too. I’m not sure I’d want the uncertainty and admin that comes with freelancing.” – Claire, 30, London

Freelance or employed hairdresser

“Going freelance was the best move I ever made. I have complete control over my schedule and the clients I take on. I’ve been able to double my earning potential compared to employed roles, which gives me a lot more freedom and flexibility in my life. Things aren’t handed to you as a freelancer though – you need to be very proactive in marketing yourself and managing your finances.” – Lucy, 36, Manchester

Work/Life Balance

Employed hairdressers enjoy the stability and structure of a guaranteed base salary, standard hours and paid time off. Freelancers have the flexibility to control their own diary and take on as much or little work as they wish. This freedom and being your own boss is a major plus for many, albeit one that requires rigorous planning and self-motivation.

Freelancers can work any hours they choose and take on as much or little work as desired. The flexibility this allows for childcare, travel or other pursuits is highly valued. However establishing these boundaries requires discipline when self-employed. Saying no to clients may impact income streams.

Progress in Your Profession

To become an exceptional, in-demand stylist requires dedication to continual training and education. Employed stylists often receive access to paid development courses and training from their salon group.

Freelance hairdressing

Top brands such as Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy invest heavily in nurturing talent. Freelancers must be more proactive in managing their own learning and growth. This takes commitment but allows complete control over the direction of your specialisms.

In Summary

While salaried employment provides stability for many hairdressers, the most ambitious stylists may relish the freelance path. This route offers greater control, earning potential and the platform to build an reputation as an exclusive stylist to the stars. Regardless of which option you choose, continual improvement of skills is vital for career success and client satisfaction.

Freelance or employed? Only you can decide what type of stylist you want to be. Choose your direction and commit to being the very best in your field.