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Streamline The Temping Experience

For salons and beauty spa's the Bella Bouji Portal will be your own private platform where you can place requests to book suitable and vetted hairdressing and beauty temps and freelancers. For hair and beauty professionals now you can manage all your temp shifts in one place.

Access if free of charge, no mater how broad your scheduling needs.
The easy-to use software, can manage your client bookings from a web browser or mobile device.
For Salons  

  • Our clients can use our online portal to manage bookings and view a comprehensive 'Job Schedule' of all filled, unfilled, in progress, and completed shifts.
  • Clients can add, amend, or delete shift times and dates in their booking diary; the system updates the candidate via the platform in real time.
  • Timesheets can be signed off at the end of a shift via the stylists own app or through our portal if there is no one around at the end of their shift.
  • We offer free use of our booking software as well as confirmation to salons in real-time when a temp accepts their shifts (via their app).


For The Stylist 

  • An easy-to-use booking App that will use push notifications to you immediately.
  • An accurate, real-time “My Roles” summary of your upcoming shifts, reducing the risk of accidentally double booking yourself or forgetting where you have booked yourself in.
  • Calendar view of all of your shifts for the week/month and the ability to add your holidays/availability to the system for you and salons to see messaging section so you can communicate with our team directly via the app before or after each shift.
  • No direct communication needed with the agency, everything can be done from within the app.


Bella Bouji