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Experience our temp booking portal, enabling hairdressing and spa businesses to effortlessly book temporary staff, while providing hairdressers and salon professionals with a seamless and streamlined platform to secure flexible salon work.

Salons Looking to Hire Temps and Freelancers?

If you are looking to hire temp hair stylists seamlessly and frictionlessly, then Bella Bouji is the only UK agency offering our clients their own temp booking portal. Our agency provides the only recruitment portal tailored specifically for salons in the UK. We understand the unique needs of salons and barbershops and offer customisable options to find the best talent. Plus, the platform is easy to use and navigate so that you can find the perfect candidate in no time. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Hairdressers and Beauty Professionals Looking to Freelance and Temp?

Are you a stylist seeking flexible or temporary roles in salons or spas? As a temp or freelance stylist you can earn more than your salaried counterpart, up to £200 or €230 plus per day. Our online portal empowers you to define your own schedule effortlessly, providing a smooth and convenient path to dynamic participation in the industry.




Streamline the Temping Experience

  • The software will be your own private portal where you can place requests to book suitable and vetted hairdressing temps.
  • Now you can manage all temp shifts in one place. We provide a secure client portal for booking management, update timesheets via the app when needed and allow stylists to sign off on
    their own at any time.
  • Access is free of charge so that no matter how broad your scheduling needs.
  • The easy-to use software, can manage your client bookings from a web browser or mobile device.
  • You will receive confirmation emails for accepted shifts (both via the email address on file and through
    their app).


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Bella Bouji is changing how people book salon stylists.