Published: 8 August 2023

Hair and Beauty Jobs Abroad: Dubai

Relocating Your Hair and Beauty Talents Overseas

Have your styling skills plateaued at home? Seek new inspiration by packing up your shears and product arsenal to ply your craft in an exciting new locale. This week we explore the intriguing option of expat life in glamorous Dubai for hair and beauty pros. Read first-hand experiences of stylists spreading their wings abroad, plus data on key opportunities to take your career global.

The Alluring Call of Dubai

hair and beauty jobs in dubai

With luxury living, stunning architecture, and endless sunshine – the allure of Dubai entices professionals worldwide. Hairdressers and estheticians can live tax-free while earning incomes far exceeding home. Exposure to new cultures, clients and styles also provides invaluable growth.

Dubai’s reputation as a global hub offers:

  • Financial incentives – No income tax and generous tips attract talent. Top stylists earn £100,000+ annually.
  • Expat community – Over 80% of Dubai’s population are expats from diverse cultures.
  • Salon job prospects – Booming demand at upscale salons like Pastels, Rouge and Tips & Toes.
  • Diverse clientele – Locals, Western expats, Arab visitors – satisfy worldly tastes.
  • Creative inspiration – Fuse techniques from your home country with Arab hair traditions.

Is this cosmopolitan oasis calling you to take the leap abroad?

Tales from the Front Lines

hair and beauty jobs in dubai

Hear first-hand experiences of hair pros who successfully relocated overseas using our services:

  • New Zealand native Jane found Dubai’s money and weather hard to resist. She loves the glamorous lifestyle and earning triple her former income.
  • Scot Ross was recruited by a luxury salon chain seeking Western stylists. He enjoys the constant flux of global travelers seeking on-trend looks.
  • Filipina stylist Josie relishes Dubai’s cultural blend. She expertly mixes Eastern and Western trends to satisfy her diverse clients.
  • Londoner Amelia appreciates Dubai’s hunger for the latest beauty trends. The constant demand to stay ahead of the curve inspires her creativity.

Their stories prove expatriate hair artists can flourish in this cosmopolitan melting pot. Are you ready to take the leap?

By the Numbers: Dubai’s Insatiable Demand

The data confirms Dubai’s booming salon scene provides fertile ground for expat stylists’ careers.

  • Over 4,000 hair and beauty salons currently operating
  • Industry valued at £830 million annually
  • 20% growth forecast over the next 5 years
  • 83% of salon professionals are expats
  • 60% increase in men’s grooming services since 2013
  • Every celebrity visit and event spikes demand for trendy styles

These figures reveal boundless prospects for talented stylists, particularly Westerners sought after as experts in modern cuts and color techniques.

Making the Move

hair and beauty jobs in dubai

If the desert heat calls your name, here are tips for transitioning your scissors overseas:

  • Research requirements – Some countries require additional licenses and permits.
  • Find a reputable recruiter – They can match your skills to in-demand salons.
  • Secure a visa – Most expats in Dubai work on renewable 12-month permits sponsored by employers.
  • Ship your tools – Pack shears, blowdryers, irons – the full styling arsenal.
  • Watch for scams – Sadly, some fake “salons” lure expat stylists only to seize their passports. Vet all opportunities thoroughly.
  • Immerse in the culture – Learn Arabic phrases. Study regional hair traditions. Show clients you respect cultural nuances.

With an open mind and enterprising spirit, hair pros can discover incredible opportunities overseas. Let stories of Dubai expats inspire your global dreams. With skill and grit, you can build an exciting multicultural career – and get gorgeous free balayage thanks to the sunny climate!

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