Published: 4 February 2024

All-Round Hairdressing Jobs: Diverse Skills Wanted


In an ever-evolving industry, today’s top hairdressing jobs demand far more than styling chops. Salons seek all-round hairdressers with multidisciplinary expertise to deliver exceptional service. Blending technical talents across colouring, cutting and customer care is key.

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As consumer expectations rise, a sole specialism no longer satisfies. Diverse abilities are essential for hairdressers to flourish in the modern marketplace. Honing a holistic skillset ensures you remain relevant.

Ready to shape up? Here’s why salons hire all-rounders and how to transform into one:

Why Salons Want All-Rounders

Like fashion, hairdressing appreciates versatility. Nimble hairdressers who effortlessly switch services are highly valued over single-skill specialists.

Benefits for salons:

  • Optimise schedules by having staff multitask
  • Provide consistent service when allocation changes
  • Grow customer loyalty through personalized experiences
  • Build reputation for expertise across all areas
  • Save costs on additional specialized recruits

Rewards for hairdressers:

  • Job security – all-rounders integral to operations
  • Opportunity to demonstrate extensive range
  • Avoid monotony through task variation
  • Build enduring client relationships
  • Progress into senior stylist roles

Salons and hairdressers alike profit from multiskilled talent.

Core Skills for All-Round Stylists

Mastering three key services makes a well-rounded hairdresser:

Cutting Expertise

From precision pixie crops to textured layers, an intuitive eye for shape and structure is vital. Sharp scissor abilities take time to hone. Start by observing senior stylists before attempting cuts yourself. Experiment with angles, proportions and textures to find your speciality.

Colouring Excellence

Seamlessly blending colours requires an artistic eye and specialist knowledge. Study the complex science of hair pigmentation. Attend advanced courses on techniques like balayage, ombré and colour melting. Shadow experienced colourists until confident to evaluate skin tones and create bespoke formulations yourself.

Customer Service Flair

Warm reception manner, active listening, and consultative selling must come naturally. Clients appreciate advice tailored to their unique needs. Master the ability to assess desires and recommend suitable services. Charm customers from arrival to departure to nurture lasting relationships.

Once adept across all three services, you become an invaluable all-rounder stylist ripe for promotion.

How to Train as an All-Rounder Stylist

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Transforming into a multiskilled hairdresser requires planning and perseverance.

Upskill Continually

Never stop accumulating expertise. Sign up for courses specializing in new techniques annually. Expand your repertoire with alternative skills like hair extensions or African hair braiding. Continual development ensures an adaptable, future-proof skill set.

Seek Wide Exposure

Actively spend time across all salon departments Assist on reception Duty. Shadow colourists Mix formula. Observe stylists. Absorb their strengths so you integrate the diversity into your own style.

Build a Diverse Portfolio

Assemble shoots demonstrating your complete range. Showcase precision cuts, melts, colour corrections, blowouts and curls. Use video for before-and-after transformation impact.

Request All-Rounder Roles

Once qualified, avoid single service jobs. Opt for roles like “all-round stylist” or “junior stylist” allowing for cross-service allocation. Even diversify into theatrical/media hairdressing for fashion shoots.

Proactively chasing all-round opportunities accelerates your development into a versatile stylist.

Current Multi Skilled Hairdresser Roles

All-round vacancies arise more regularly than you imagine. Keep job alerts active for openings including:

  • Junior Stylist
  • Creative Stylist
  • Salon Assistant
  • Stylist
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Session Stylist

Check sites like:

Stand Out As a Multi Skilled Candidate

Combat fierce competition using these CV tips:

  • Headline with a specialty to anchor one excellent skill e.g. “Pixie Cut Pro”
  • List all services you have exposure to
  • Note advanced courses attended e.g. colour melting
  • Add stylist testimonials praising your versatility
  • Include metrics e.g. number of cuts performed
  • Share articles/imagery showcasing breadth
  • Convey the passion to continually expand your talents

This framework spotlights your dedication to all-round development.

By actively strengthening abilities across cutting, colouring and care, ordinary hairdressers transform into outstanding all-rounders – the most valued recruits. Continue studying, diversify your portfolio and seek wide salon exposure. Combining creativity with commerciality will ensure you remain an integral asset even as hairdressing evolves. Start rounding out today!


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