Published: 10 August 2023

The Salon Assistant Job Desription

First Rung on the Style Ladder: Duties of a Salon Assistant

Eager to launch your haircare career but not sure where to begin? Consider becoming a salon assistant – this entry-level role builds valuable skills while priming you for eventually styling solo. Read on for a glimpse into the key duties as you support stylists and operations. Plus, hear first-hand accounts of assistants who honed their craft in this job.

A Day in the Life: Core Assistant Tasks

Salon assistant job description

While salon assistants’ responsibilities vary, these fundamental tasks comprise the work:

  • Greeting clients, answering phones, booking appointments
  • Preparing stations – sanitising tools, mixing color, stocking supplies
  • Shampooing, conditioning, and blow-drying hair
  • Assisting stylists during color and cuts – applying dye, rinsing, passing tools
  • Cleaning work areas and laundering smocks, towels, etc.
  • Merchandising and restocking retail displays
  • Scanning products, managing inventory, placing supply orders
  • Sterilising scissors, combs, and other implements
  • Running errands like buying additional products

The role provides invaluable exposure to daily salon operations, product knowledge, client interactions, and stylists’ techniques. Assistants gain practical experience while handling important support tasks.

Voices from the Field: Launching Styling Careers

Salon assistant job description

Here former assistants, we at Bella Bouji have assigned, describe how the job served as their career springboard:

  • James: “As an assistant, watching the stylists refined my skills exponentially faster. Their creativity and versatility inspired me daily.”
  • Aisha: “I learned so much about products and how to recommend them to clients. This made me confident to eventually do consultations myself.”
  • Diego: “Doing hundreds of blowouts polished my finishing skills tremendously. I can now style my own clients beautifully and efficiently.”
  • Grace: “Keeping the salon clean, orderly and stocked up gave me an eye for detail that helps me excel at balayage now.”

Their stories demonstrate how being an assistant lays the groundwork for stylist greatness. The role immerses you in the tools, techniques, and culture needed to thrive.

Moving Up the Ranks

Many salon owners prefer hiring assistants when new stylist roles open up. They can promote from within saving time and money recruiting externally.

With commitment and excellence as an assistant, you position yourself to eventually** style solo** once an opportunity arises. Express interest in learning new skills and don’t be shy requesting mentoring from veteran stylists.

After a year or two assisting, you can feel ready to take the lead on cuts, color, blowouts and styling for your very own clients. Then watch your income and creative satisfaction skyrocket doing what you love.

In the salon ecosystem, assistants are the worker bees enabling the artistry. While not glamorous, the job builds professionalism, technical chops, and industry connections. Pour your energy into support tasks knowing it lays the foundation for your future career blossoming. Stay focused on the big picture dream and soon you’ll be the one being assisted!

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