Published: 25 August 2023

Side Hustles for Stylists and Makeup Artists to Boost Their Cash Flow

The feast-or-famine income cycles in hair, makeup, and beauty make it smart to explore side hustles. Supplementary gigs allow you to smooth out cash flow dips and accelerate your financial goals. If you have spare hours and untapped energy, put your skills to profitable use! Here are diverse side job ideas for beauty pros wanting to pad their pockets.

Side Hustles for Stylists and Makeup Artists to Boost Their Cash Flow

Freelance Gigs

Leverage your expertise by freelancing outside of your day job or salon:

  • Weekend wedding makeup and hairstyling – capitalise on peak demand for events and weddings by offering your services. Promote yourself independently through bridal networks and directories.
  • Photography session styling for models, actors, business headshots – help clients look picture perfect. Photographers will appreciate your ability to work quickly.
  • Editorial and fashion show freelancing – lend your talents to magazines, runways and media events on an on-call basis. Build your portfolio while earning.
  • In-home blowout or makeup services – visit clients’ homes if they can’t come to you. Create packages for special occasions or weekly touch-ups.
  • Airbnb “beauty experience” services – offer bookable makeup or styling sessions as an experience for visitors. A unique local offering!

Freelancing allows you to set your own availability, rates 25-50% above salon prices, and earn outside your regular hours.

Teaching and Mentoring

Share your finely honed skills through coaching and educational programs:

  • Teaching group makeup or hairstyling classes/workshops – create your own curriculum for specialised techniques like hair updos, braiding, color trends, etc. Rent a studio space to hold classes.
  • Offering private 1-on-1 lessons – coach clients in specialty services like eyelash extensions, hair extensions, contouring, etc. Charge an hourly rate.
  • Creating online video tutorials – build a following on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok by sharing your expertise. Monetise through ad revenue.
  • Mentoring aspiring professionals – take new stylists or artists under your wing to guide them as they build confidence and skills.

Leverage the high demand for quality instruction from seasoned beauty veterans. Both group and private formats let you profit from your knowledge.

Product Sales and Promotions

Side Hustles for Stylists and Makeup Artists to Boost Their Cash Flow

Earn sales commissions and affiliation revenue by promoting brands and products:

  • Direct sales of your favorite professional beauty supplies – offer discounts for clients to purchase their favorite products from you directly.
  • Reselling lightly used products on resale sites – sell overstock or gently used cosmetics and tools.
  • Affiliate marketing commissions – recommend products you love through affiliate links on your blog, site, or social channels. Earn a % of each sale driven.
  • Sponsorships – get paid to showcase and review products you genuinely use and recommend to your audience.

Capitalise on your insider knowledge of quality brands and ability to drive purchases.

Creative Side Pursuits

Explore artistic outlets that allow self-expression:

  • Selling customised wigs, hair extensions, press-on nails – tap into your creativity to hand-make specialty hair and nail products.
  • Designing merch like t-shirts, accessories, beauty tools – create merch showcasing your brand and unique style. Sell online or at pop-up boutiques.
  • Recording a beauty-themed podcast – share your stories and industry advice through engaging audio content. Promote the podcast and sell ad spots.
  • Blogging/vlogging as a beauty influencer – build a social media presence with brilliant tips, how-tos and your creative work.

Monetise your passion through inventive projects that feel rewarding.

The opportunities are vast for multi-hyphenate hustlers. Diversify your income streams while doing what you love on the side. With the right drive and Organisation, your skills can bring financial freedom. Start brainstorming then hustle today!

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