Published: 9 October 2023

Responding Quickly to Online Reviews

The Art of Instant Interaction

In the digital age, managing your salon’s online presence and reputation has become a science. From Google to Yelp, reviews require thoughtful handling and rapid response. Read on for pro tips on crafting replies that delight patrons and showcase your customer service finesse.

Positive reviews offer opportunities to thank engaged customers. Negative critiques require polite addressing to turn dissatisfaction into redemption. For best results, swiftness is key – so let’s explore best practices for responding quickly.

The First 24 Hours are Critical

Research shows over 70% of consumers expect businesses to respond to online reviews within 24 hours. Rapid responses signal attentive customer care.

Craft replies as soon as possible after receiving notification of new Google, Facebook or salon page reviews. Saved drafts can provide efficient templates indicating:

  • Appreciation for feedback
  • Addressing of any concerns
  • Invitation to continue the conversation

Claiming your listings and activating alerts streamlines monitoring. Assign team members response responsibility during their shifts.

Automated tools like Hootsuite can also schedule timely responses – but personalised messages have more impact.

Continual Monitoring is Crucial

Vigilantly check platforms daily rather than just waiting for notifications. This allows catching any reviews missed by alerts before momentum snowballs.

Designate staff to perform ongoing online listening for instant insight into client sentiment and experiences.

Monitor review sites as well as social media for comments. Discussion can migrate across networks – stay active everywhere.

Save time with available social media management platforms for aggregating mentions in one dashboard.

Positivity Promotes Progress

Where possible, start replies highlighting the encouraging parts of mixed or negative reviews. This sets a positive tone.

Thanks and affirm any positives first – e.g. commending a stylist, facilities or mentioned service strengths. Then address constructive areas individually.

This solutions-focused approach shows you’re listening without getting defensive. Promote goodwill and willingness to improve.

Kill Them With Kindness

Never react angrily or bluntly. The customer may be wrong but preserve a polite, humble tone.

Thank the reviewer for taking time to share their thoughts. Empathise but don’t necessarily accept blame. Provide context if needed but avoid excuses.

Offer to make amends and apply feedback to do better in catering to clients like them. Diffuse tension with positivity and empathy.

Turn Critics Into Advocates

To convert dissatisfied customers, extend special incentives like:

  • Discounted or complimentary future visit
  • Extra services to overwrite their negative experience
  • Free products

When extending Olive branches, continue engagement privately. Meeting publicly shows response without bartering.

Coach Team on Handling Reviews

Train staff on monitoring sites, timely response protocols, tone standards and assessing improvements needed based on feedback.

Empower them to provide courteous replies as issues arise. Positivity starts internally.

Online reviews require hands-on handling to manage your reputation. Exceed expectations by responding quickly and thoughtfully. Uplift reviewers through appreciation and willingness to act on critiques. Reviews cultivated well fertilise future growth.

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