Published: 24 July 2023

Pursuing a Career From Hair to Beauty and Vice Versa

Hair and beauty are intrinsically linked when it comes to building a career. Many professionals leverage their skills to fluidly move between hair and beauty or combine the two artforms. With training and dedication, a gratifying career bridging hair and beauty is achievable.

From Hair Stylist to Makeup Artist

For hair stylists seeking to expand their skillset, makeup artistry is a natural career progression. Hairstylists already have a trained eye for color, texture, shape, and aesthetics. You can capitalize on this foundation to thrive as a makeup artist.

hair to beauty

Crossover Skills

Styling hair and doing makeup require similar talents like:

  • Analyzing facial features and bone structure
  • Understanding color theory and skin undertones
  • Blending and layering textures seamlessly
  • Working creatively within time constraints
  • Building rapport with clients

Getting Training

Leverage your hair knowledge and acquire makeup training through:

  • Makeup artistry classes and workshops
  • Online tutorials and guides
  • Private coaching from experienced mentors
  • Assistant work with established makeup artists
  • Continuing education in beauty schools

With dedication to learning technique, hair stylists can develop impressive makeup artistry abilities.

From Makeup Artist to Hair Stylist

Similarly, makeup artists can expand their beauty scope by training to become hair stylists. If you love working with clients to enhance their natural beauty, adding hair skills complements your makeup artistry skillset.

hair to beauty

Crossover Skills

Makeup and hair share these key skills:

  • Making clients feel pampered and confident
  • Helping clients look polished for events and photos
  • Enhancing natural features through cosmetic work
  • Keeping up on trends in color, style, and techniques
  • Developing an artistic eye and steady hand

Getting Training

Makeup artists can cross over into hair with:

  • Enrolling in a cosmetology program at a beauty school or institute
  • Shadowing and assisting hair stylists to learn hands-on
  • Attending hair cutting and styling classes
  • Practicing techniques on mannequins and live models
  • Seeking guidance from stylists mentoring newcomers

With some training, makeup pros can expand their beauty career into hair styling.

Combining Hair and Makeup

Some beauty professionals choose to blend hair styling and makeup artistry. Being skilled in both allows you to provide complete head-to-toe beauty services.


Offering both hair and makeup has advantages like:

  • One-stop beauty shop for clients
  • Increased revenue streams
  • Ability to develop cohesive looks
  • More hiring opportunities at salons and spas
  • Added value as freelancer or business owner


To successfully combine hair and beauty:

  • Train extensively in both realms
  • Build a portfolio showcasing your dual skills
  • Market yourself as a beauty expert
  • Create beauty packages and bundles for clients
  • Allot time for both services when booking
  • Invest in high-quality hair and makeup tools

Pursuing a seamlessly integrated hair and beauty career takes passion and dedication but enables you to provide exceptional beauty experiences.

Flourishing Careers Across Hair and Beauty

hair to beauty

With training, talent, and business savvy, your career can traverse the spectrum from hair to beauty. Many fulfill their dream jobs by blending these two worlds or focusing on mastery in one area. With an open mindset and commitment to excellence, your beauty career can thrive.

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