Published: 2 August 2023

Pros and Cons of Jobs in Hair and Beauty in 2023

The Allure of Beauty Careers: Weighing the Pros and Cons in 2023

Jobs in the hair and beauty offer plentiful opportunities to unleash creativity and rake in profits. But the glamour and potential rewards don’t tell the whole story. Here we reveal the real pros and cons of these in-demand careers in 2023 and beyond.

Enduring Allure

Pros and Cons of Jobs in Hair and Beauty in 2023

The beauty industry has bounced back robustly from the pandemic, forecast to be worth £28.4 billion in the UK by 2025. As self-care continues trending, these vocations deliver job satisfaction along with handsome pay.

Creative Expression

Few careers offer such outlets for imagination and artistry. Whether crafting a sublime blowout or gifting a client with a bold new look, beauty jobs let you spin magic daily. Combining cosmetic chemistry, painting skills and psychology, they engage the right and left brain fully.

Flexible Schedules

Pros and Cons of Jobs in Hair and Beauty in 2023

Many roles allow setting your own hours and being your own boss. Open a suite, rent a chair, or freelance with the flexibility today’s workers crave. Of course corporate jobs in cosmetics and salon chains still require set shifts. But overall, beauty careers reflect the wider workplace shift toward self-direction.

Recession Resilience

Even in downturns, beauty services remain in demand. Though customers may save on splurges like highlights, haircuts and manicures are necessities. This protects jobs from the vulnerabilities of more discretionary purchases.

Enduring Challenges

Behind the glitz, these fast-paced jobs also come with substantial demands. Consider the following realities before pursuing this path.

Physical Toll

Expect to be on your feet all day. With repetitive motions and no chance to sit down, body woes like back and joint pain are common occupational hazards. Standing 8+ hours daily in heels takes stamina. Ergonomic care is essential.

Supply Costs

Beauty pros must stock a wide array of expensive products and tools, with minimal ability to mark up retail prices. These costs can quickly eat into earnings. Salon owners also shoulder expensive real estate, insurance, and regulatory compliance burdens.

Self-Employment Risks

Pros and Cons of Jobs in Hair and Beauty in 2023

Owning a business brings tax complexities and instability from seasonal revenue dips. Even renting a suite means covering your own healthcare and retirement savings. The independence comes with financial uncertainty that standard employment avoids.

Slow-Growth Prospects

Unlike other fields, career progression relies on building your own brand and clientele rather than climbing a corporate ladder. Income growth can be gradual and incremental for many. Standing out in a crowded industry takes serious hustle.

The allure of beauty jobs remains powerful – creative freedom keeps passionate professionals flocking to this field. But budding stylists and artists should weigh the downsides too. With eyes wide open about the pros and cons, those willing to put in the sweat and hustle can build an inspiring career and achieve success on their own terms.

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