Published: 21 January 2024

Making the Leap from Temp to Permanent Hair Jobs

The early days of a hair career often involve navigating a slew of temporary roles as you gain qualifications and experience whilst seeking that coveted permanent position. However after one too many unreliable temp agencies leave you stranded or the unpredictability of freelancing loses its initial sheen; seeking long term job security with a reputable London salon seems the obvious solution.

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Yet with so many factors to balance from location logistics to environment dynamics and career progression opportunities, identifying the temp to permanent hair jobs leap that keeps you fulfilled longterm feels daunting. Fret not though, this guide unpacks expert strategies for transitioning successfully whilst still maintaining some flexibility.

Gain Solid Experience First

Whilst a permanent role offers alluring stability and often enhanced benefits like salon discounts, in-house training subsidies and styling support; dive in too hastily and you risk being trapped long term somewhere that doesn’t actually nurture your career growth or creative flair.

So invest time upfront gaining rounded experience across London’s best salons through temping until you can perform all technical aspects confidently whilst nurturing your personal style. Build a loyal clientele who value your expertise through reliably excellent work. This way when the right permanent post arises, your existing expertise ensures immediate positive impact which fast tracks you up the career ladder.

Understand Salon Culture

Once confident in your technical craft, shift focus onto intangible factors that influence job satisfaction exponentially. Observe the salon environment and team dynamics closely whilst temping and having trial shifts. Consider aspects like the general atmosphere, management transparency with staff, support for creativity etc rather than surface details only.

Does the salon celebrate achievements consistently? Do senior stylists mentor more junior members willingly? Establish what workplace culture leaves you feeling nurtured then target permanent positions at salons aligning with your values that will provide both stability and fulfilment.

Define Your Deal Breakers

Before entertaining permanent positions, reflect honestly on what you need both financially and emotionally from a job to prevent restlessness setting in quickly. From non negotiable location logistics like transport links and distance from home to the stylist support services available; not voicing these conditions upfront hurts long term.

Be transparent about deal breakers with management from the outset no matter how small they may seem. Whether it’s access to paid breaks, regular training opportunities or late evening shift flexibility to accommodate childcare, communicating clearly now prevents issues arising later down the line.

Negotiate a Probationary Clause

Whilst securing a permanent post brings relief after freelance flux, jumping straight into a 12 month contract feels intimidating. To ease transition anxieties, request a mutually agreed probationary review clause around the 6 week mark when negotiating permanent roles in London.

Ace the Interview

This provides breathing space to assess whether the salon delivers on support promises made during interviews without locking you into an unsuitable workplace long term unnecessarily. Outline clear metrics like training provision, clientele target attainment and culture fitment support that dictate success. Reviews give constructive feedback whilst allowing room to iron out teething issues or identify poor role alignment promptly on both sides without penalty. Ensure raise discussions feature too to validate your worth.

Maintain External Connections

Particularly when newly qualified, permanent employment often means relinquishing flexibility completely. But activities like London Fashion Week support roles, hair campaigns or photographic projects keep creativity flowing whilst progressing visibility. Discuss flexibility allowances for such external endeavours during contract negotiations to round skillsets further.

Senior London salon teams appreciate dedication yet also understand the importance of experimentation for longevity so reasonable agreements accommodate this balance without compromising relationship foundations built. Handled mutually respectfully, temporary external connections need not threaten job security.

The leap between temping diversity and permanent stability may seem vast Initally but honest preparations smooth transitions considerably. Defining your non negotiable needs, observing workplace cultures extensively and maintaining external connections where possible allows you to progress purposefully towards more fulfilled permanent roles. So approach salons with clarity on values alignment, communicate transparently about support requirements then enjoy the relief of structure mixed with flexibility!

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