Published: 7 September 2023

Combatting High Staff Turnover

Retaining Talent in the Beauty Industry

Staff retention remains an Achilles heel for many salons and cosmetic companies. Losing trained employees results in perpetual cycles of recruitment and onboarding – an exhausting and costly churn. Poor retention stems from fixable factors like insufficient training, stagnant wages and toxic workplace culture. Examining the root causes reveals clear ways businesses can retain more top talent for the long haul.

The Costly Reality of High Turnover

High turnover

Industry statistics quantify the significant churn of staff:

  • Average employee turnover rate of 37% in hair and beauty businesses (CPA Practice Advisor)
  • 65% of salon owners struggle with high staff turnover (Modern Salon)
  • 61% of employees leave their salon job within the first year (PHD Beauty)

Constant recruiting and training devours resources. Losing experienced staff means starting over with fresh faces lacking client rapport and technical chops. Poor retention also damages a salon’s reputation, degrades morale and interrupts client services. Clearly, reducing turnover is an urgent priority.

Why Do They Leave? Common Turnover Factors

Behind the dismal retention stats lie a few prevalent causes:

Insufficient training – Investing in ongoing education shows staff they are valued. Developing skills boosts confidence and earning potential.

Weak career progression – Without pathways to advance into new roles or responsibilities, staff grow bored and restless.

Uncompetitive pay – Stylists can earn more through independent freelancing or at salons/spas offering higher commission.

Toxic work environment – Clashes with colleagues or management take a toll. A bullying culture or unresolved conflicts drive people away.

Limited benefits – Perks like insurance and retirement plans provide essential security nets many small salons lack.

Work/life imbalance – Burnt out staff need flexibility for family, continuing education and down time.

Lack of feedback and recognition – Regular praise and constructive input helps people improve and feel appreciated.

Proactive Retention Strategies

With factors identified, businesses can be proactive curbing turnover through initiatives like:

Ongoing education budget – Sponsor advanced classes, conferences, skill certifications. Investing in growth demonstrates commitment.

Career development plans – Create mentoring programs. Offer commission increases as milestones are met.

Competitive compensation – Benchmark pay against industry averages. Share profits through bonuses and incentives.

Family-friendly policies – Provide generous paid time off, childcare stipends, flexible arrangements.

Wellness perks – Offer gym memberships, yoga classes, massages. A healthy team stays together.

Conflict resolution training – Teach managers and staff to communicate effectively. Provide safe ways to voice concerns.

Peer recognition – Create “employee of the month” awards or peer shout-outs. Praise good work.

Regular feedback – Check in one-on-one. Poll staff needs. Take quick anonymous surveys to address issues early.

Onboarding programs – Assign new hires mentors. Ensure they feel welcomed and supported from day one.

With strategic initiatives catering to staff needs, businesses can curb turnover and build an engaged, thriving team. Investing in your people offers handsome dividends.

The revolving door of lost experts needn’t be inevitable. Analyse why top performers leave, then take targeted steps to meet their needs. By making your salon a place where talent wants to stay and grow, you reduce disruptive churn while empowering your team’s success – and your own.

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