Published: 3 February 2024

Children’s Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

Finding temporary work as a children’s hairdresser can be a rewarding way to gain experience and flexibility in your career. As a children’s hairdresser, you get to work with young clients in a fun, creative environment. Though the work is temporary, it can lead to new job opportunities and connections within the industry.

Children's Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

What Does a Children’s Hairdresser Do?

A children’s hairdresser specialises in cutting, styling and caring for children’s hair. Key responsibilities typically include:

  • Consult with parents and children on desired hairstyles
  • Cut, trim and style children’s hair accordingly
  • Perform basic hair treatments like washing, conditioning, drying etc.
  • Ensure safety and comfort of young clients
  • Recommend hair products suitable for children
  • Engage children during the hairdressing process through conversation and play

It requires patience, creativity and strong communication skills. You must enjoy working with children to excel as a children’s hairdresser.

Benefits of Temporary Work

Children's Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

Taking on temporary job listings as a children’s hairdresser offers many advantages:

  • Gain experience working specifically with children’s hair
  • Build a portfolio showcasing your children’s hairdressing abilities
  • Flexible schedule – choose when and how often you want to work
  • Explore different salons and techniques as you move between temporary roles
  • Make connections within the industry for future job opportunities
  • Supplement your income while allowing time for other commitments
  • Low commitment so you can easily walk away if it’s not for you

The short-term nature of temp work provides freedom to experiment without long-term ties.

Where to Find Temporary Children’s Hairdresser Roles

Many options exist for those seeking temp work as a children’s hairdresser. Useful places to search include:

Bella Bouji Listings and Temp Portal

Are you a stylist seeking flexible or temporary roles in salons or spas? As a temp or freelance stylist you can earn more than your salaried counterpart, up to £200. Our online portal empowers you to define your own schedule effortlessly, providing a smooth and convenient path to dynamic participation in the industry.

Children’s Salon Job Boards

Specialist children’s hair salons often advertise temporary roles on their websites. Set up job alerts on the career pages of leading chains near you.

General Hairdressing Job Sites

Major industry job boards list some children’s hairdresser temp vacancies alongside their regular permanent postings. Use relevant keywords like “children”, “temporary” and “maternity cover” when searching.

Online Gumtree/Craigslist Ads

Independent salons seek temporary stylists through online classifieds like Gumtree and Craigslist. Check their job/gig section for short-term opportunities.

Social Media Groups

Join industry groups like “Children’s Hairdressers UK” on Facebook and Reddit to find temporary job ads or request opportunities from other members.

Cast a wide net across multiple platforms when searching for temporary vacancies. Persistence is key as children’s hairdressing temp roles are less common than standard hairdressing positions.

How to Stand Out as a Temporary Children’s Stylist

To increase your chances of securing temp work, highlight your unique skills and experience with children’s hair:

  • Showcase any past children’s styling work in an online portfolio
  • Emphasise specialised training courses you have completed
  • Get references/testimonials from parents of children you have styled
  • List childcare qualifications or experience on your CV
  • Explain why you love working with kids during interviews
  • Describe techniques you use to engage young clients
  • Share ideas for fun cuts and styles suited specifically to children

Conveying your passion for working with children will help you beat others to valuable temp roles.

Using Temp Work to Advance Your Career

Children's Hairdresser: Temporary Job Listings

Though temporary, children’s hairdressing assignments still represent valuable opportunities. Make the most of temp gigs by:

  • Asking parents for referrals or reviews
  • Building connections with salon managers
  • Learning advanced children’s styling techniques from senior stylists
  • Improving speed with different kids hair textures
  • Photographing your work for your professional portfolio
  • Participating in salon events to increase visibility

Treat all temp contracts as stepping stones to propel your children’s hairdressing career. Temporary can lead to permanent.

Enjoy the Flexibility of Children’s Hairdressing Temp Work

From saving for holidays to filling maternity leave, temporary jobs cater to all needs. Embrace the variation and freedom. Gain expertise as a children’s stylist while exploring the industry. Check out new salons and styles, develop your personal brand, and expand your professional network.

Jumping between assignments enables you to find the right salon fit while boosting your skills and reputation. Temporary work provides the flexibility to specialise in children’s hair at your own pace.

So refresh those crayon boxes and start your search! Numerous opportunities exist for talented temporary children’s hairdressers – you just have to chase them.

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