Published: 17 March 2023

Becoming a Session Hair Stylist in the Fashion Industry

For many, a career in the fashion industry as a session hair stylist can be an exciting and rewarding journey. Working with leading magazines and prestigious clients, it’s easy to see why this is such a sought-after position; not only do you have the opportunity to travel and work on amazing projects but you can also flex your creative muscles while getting paid generously for it.

But how exactly does one become a successful session hair stylist? Here are some of the essential steps to take if you want to make your mark in this competitive field.

Get Educated

If you’re serious about becoming a session hair stylist, then education should be your first priority. Not only do most of the top salons require that you have formal qualifications, but they will often demand evidence of excellent techniques and skills before they even consider offering you a job. It’s worth researching different courses and programs that can teach you everything from basic skills like cutting and styling, to more advanced techniques like perfecting updos and braids.

Build Your Portfolio

Once armed with all the necessary qualifications, it’s time to start building up your portfolio. The best way to do this is by seeking out opportunities to showcase your talent – whether that’s at bridal shows or fashion events – anything that allows potential employers to take notice of your talent should be taken advantage of! Aim for diversity within your portfolio; try styling all types of hair from long locks to pixie cuts as this will give employers an idea of what styles you can pull off successfully.

Apply For Jobs

Now it's time for finding actual positions within the industry! Research salons both locally and abroad that might hire someone with your skill set; think about both freelance work as well as permanent positions depending on which type suits you best. Additionally, there are plenty of recruiters who specialise in finding jobs for hairdressers so it’s worth signing up with them too if possible. This way you can get yourself known amongst agencies who may be looking for professionals just like yourself!

Stay Prepared

Once hired, always come prepared when attending shoots or working on set! You never know what kind of requests could come through so being able to quickly adapt and deliver results is essential if you want repeat business down the line - always keep an eye out for trends or unique looks that could help create something even more impressive than originally planned. Furthermore, practice staying professional no matter what kind of environment or situation arises - good manners go a long way when working with high-end clients so always aim to make them feel welcome and appreciated at all times!

The Negatives of Working as a Session Stylist

When it comes to becoming a session hairstylist, many people have an idyllic image of glamorous fashion shoots and working with high-end clients. But what they don’t see is all of the hard work that goes into this demanding job.

For starters, session hair stylists need to have top-notch skills and qualifications. Attending cosmetology school and obtaining a license is just the beginning - after that you will need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, tools, and techniques in order to stay relevant and remain competitive in the industry. Additionally, networking with other professionals can help you gain insight into different career paths available for hair stylists as well.

Unfortunately, pay in this area of work isn’t always guaranteed either. Many session hairstylists may find themselves earning only minimum wage or lower wages initially while they build their portfolios and acquire more experience – something that could take years if not decades.

But perhaps the biggest downside to being a session hair stylist is simply that it isn't always as glamorous or exciting as you might think! You will most likely be working long hours on set for very little money - more often than not it's about prestige and being able to say ‘I styled so-and-so’s hair'. When it comes down to it, your success in this field will largely depend on how well you market yourself and get your name out there - building strong relationships with clients and other professionals along the way can go a long way!

If you are considering becoming a session hairstylist, be aware of all of the hard work and dedication required before pursuing this field professionally. It takes passion and commitment but ultimately could lead to amazing outcomes if done right!