Published: 17 March 2023

What To Wear As A Hair Stylist

When it comes to getting dressed for your job as a hair stylist, the key is knowing  how to dress appropriately for the tier of salon you work at. Whether it's funky and cool, posh and refined, or somewhere in between – any respectable employer willl have guidelines on what’s appropriate when it comes to attire.  Here are some tips for what to wear in various types of hair & beauty salons.

Low-Tier Salons 

At low-tier salons, you can often dress however you like as long as it adheres to your employer’s code of conduct. Generally speaking, this might mean comfortable yet professional clothing items such as jeans or slacks with a nice shirt or blouse.

Keep colours muted and avoid large logos or graphics on clothes; nothing too flashy that could potentially distract clients! Accessories should also be kept minimal — think small earings or necklaces, nothing too dramatic that could snag clients' hair. Most small earrings or necklaces, nothing too dramatic that could snag clients' hair. Most importnatly, make sure you wear comfortable shoes since you'll be on your feet most of the day.

Mid-Tier Salons 

Mid-tier salons usually require slightly more professional attire than their lower counterparts; business casual is usually acceptable, so ditch the jeans and opt for something a bit more put together like dress slacks with a cardigan or tailored blouse. Avoid anything too tight-fitting or revealing; if in doubt err on the side of caution and take cues from management’s dress code. As far as footwear goes, closed toe shoes are required by some salons while others may allow sandals (no flip flops!).
flops though!).

High-End Salons 

At high-end salons you'll need to up your game even further; black trousers are usually standard during daytime hours while nights might call for stylish dresses with low heels or wedges depending on clientele preferences. Avoid bold patterns/stripes and stick to basic hues like black/navy blue/grey – nothing too outrageous here! It’s also important to keep your hairstyle conservative for these types of establishments, think neat updos with no crazy spikes or colour choices that could possibly distract customers from the services offered.

No matter the tier of salon you choose to work at, it's always wise to ask about specific dress policies before starting your shift - better safe than sorry! Lastly, don't forget that overdressing is always better than underdressing– so if there's ever any doubt, opt for something more formal rather than less—this will increase your chances of impressing potential clients while showing employers they made the right choice when hiring you!